Catherine Evans
Registered homeopath.     Tel: 07943 135 886

About me

I was brought up on a traditional family farm in Breconshire in a bilingual environment. I graduated from Aberystwyth university with a joint honours degree in philosophy and librarianship in1980.

Since 1984 I have lived in the beautiful Dyfi valley which is wonderful place to have raised my 3 children.

I discovered homeopathy in 1981 after I had the good fortune to personally experience its benefits. I was extremely sceptical as a homeopath gave me one white pill for an acute complaint. I was astounded by what followed. Not only did I experience a complete amelioration of the physical problem within hours I also felt a sense of enhanced well being. I felt energetic and well in all ways, physically, emotionally, and mentally. I experienced that homeopathy can be deeply curative and healing on all levels.
That experience inspired me to find out more. I enrolled on a course with the college of homeopathy in the autumn of 1981 and I graduated in 1985.

I practice "classical homeopathy"

I am involved with supervising and supporting student homeopaths
I have given a series of talks about homeopathy for Welsh television.
I give classes on homeopathy for first aid and acute complaints.
I take part in clinical provings of new homeopathic remedies.
I have a passionate commitment to continuing professional development. I regularly attend seminars and conferences to deepen my knowledge and expand my understanding of homeopathy. I feel lucky to be practising at a time when we are blessed with inspiring homeopaths who bring their insight, clinical expertise and commitment to furthering the healing art of homeopathy. I study with Dr Rajan Sankaran, from Mumbai, Dr Massimo Mangialovori from Italy,  Dr Jan Scholten from The Netherlands and Drs Shachindra and Bhawisha Joshi from Mumbai. All these homeopaths have shared their knowledge and scholarship and clinical experience. I am indebted to each one and continue to learn

I am a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths.
Catherine with Dr Bhawisha Joshi
Catherine making a remedy at Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in Kent, October 2018
Catherine and Sandy with the remedy they have helped to potentise at Helios Pharmacy