Catherine Evans
Registered homeopath.     Tel: 07943 135 886

What my patients say. Testimonials

“ Absolutely wonderful. Coming to see Catherine has helped me enormously. I can throw all my steroids away . My asthma has been helped so much that I am off all inhalers and all steroids. “   - Mr A

"A friend and I have just returned from Switzerland.   During our time there we went on a journey to the top of the Eiger 3,453 metres. Of the 20 or so people who went with us all felt some disturbance to a lesser or greater degree.   One lady passed out completely.
My friend is 80 years old and suffers from Asthma and I am 80 this month and we were the only 2 people who were fine. We were taking homeopathic remedies that Catherine had prescribed to help with the expected altitude sickness.  I have known Catherine for a while and she has successfully prescribed remedies for various ailments.  I have been impressed with how I have healed using homeopathic remedies only. The homeopathic remedies Catherine gave us to take during our trip kept us well. We are very pleased”     
- Mrs S and friend

“ I am writing to tell you of my experience with Homeopathy. 25 years ago my daughter was given a homeopathic remedy when she was poorly.  The Homeopath gave her  a remedy for her, saying that after a couple of doses she would fall asleep. After just one dose, she fell asleep and when she woke, no longer had a temperature and was feeling much better. I was impressed, as she was very young and had no knowledge of Homeopathy.  Since then I have been treated for mouth ulcers by Catherine., The Doctor and Dentist have no idea why I am prone to mouth ulcers, and have no treatment other than to treat the symptoms, which are acute pain with multiple recurrent ulcers. They cause an inability to eat much or to speak clearly, and last 7-10 days. Now I when I have mouth ulcers I contact Catherine. She gives me a remedy which keeps ulcers at bay for several months, and when they do return the homeopathic remedies  heal and remove the pain very quickly. Whilst taking the remedy I feel tired, but very quickly my energy returns, and it is wonderful to be free of mouth ulcers.”
- Mrs T.

“I contacted Catherine for help with tendonitis. There has been a 90% improvement in the pain and mobility of the affected wrist. I no longer wake at nights with  throbbing pains in the wrist and my hands feel 90% better. It has been a surprising improvement as we have moved house during the time I was receiving treatment from Catherine and I had more stress and more lifting than normal.  I am very happy to report that this painful condition has responded so well to the homeopathic remedies that Catherine gave me. “   
- Mr C

Have been very impressed with the service and treatment from start to finish. Catherine was friendly and informative and treated me as a whole person- quite different from the many GP's I've seen over 5 years of unsuccessful treatment for psoriasis. They've all treated my symptoms with a myriad of different and harsh chemicals that have had limited and short lived success. Since seeing Catherine my skin has improved dramatically in a short space of time and I feel much better in general. She suggested a few small lifestyle changes along with a remedy and in a few weeks several patches of psoriasis have gone completely while the rest are improving every day. I'm now getting comments on how happy I seem and how my skin is glowing. Diolch yn fawr iawn am wasanaeth di-ail. The service has been second to none and I've really felt like Catherine wanted to help me get better- which she has. Can't recommend her enough.  - Ms SJ

All my life, from childhood up until I was 40, I suffered every winter, sometimes twice, from bronchial asthma. My mother was a chain smoker although I myself never have smoked a single cigarette. At the age of three I had a double pneumonia. At 21 another pneumonia and again at 40 when I was in hospital for a week. Every year I had been put on anti-biotics. When I had the last serious attack I decided to go and see Catherine who was just qualifying as a homeopathic practitioner. She treated me and from that moment I have never been ill with bronchitis. Over the years I have continued to consult Catherine should an ailment arise. I am now 65, fit and in excellent health.

Roeddwn yn amheus iawn o homeopathi cyn gweld Catherine. Roeddwn wedi bod yn dioddef o anhwylder cyson yn fy nghlustiau ers tua pedair blynedd, ac nid oedd meddyginiaeth 'arferol' wedi llwyddo i ddatrys y broblem. Erbyn i mi weld Catherine, roeddwn hefyd yn dioddef o iseldra, diffyg egni a rhyw synnwyr o ddiffyg balans. Ar ol y driniaeth gan Catherine, roeddwn yn teimlo llawer iawn yn well - mae bob dim yn hawdd rwan, ac mae'r boen gyson yn fy nghlustiau wedi mynd yn llwyr. Yn syml felly, peidiwch a diystyrru triniaeth homeopathi - fe wnaeth wahaniaeth sylweddol i mi. Dwi'n llawn egni - mae fel bod yn 6 oed eto!
Hoffwn hefyd ganu clod Catherine fel ymarferwr - mae'n treulio amser efo'i chleifion er mwyn mynd at wraidd y broblem, ac mae'r driniaeth mae'n gynnig yn arbennig,
I will confess to having been a homeopathy sceptic before seeing Catherine. I had been suffering from chronic ear infections that had not been resolved by conventional medication for about four years. By the time I saw Catherine I was also suffering from depression, a lack of energy and focus, and a sense of a lack of balance in my life. However, after being treated by Catherine, everything is easy now, and the pain in my ears has gone completely. In essence therefore, don't dismiss homepathy - it's made a big difference to me. I'm now full of energy - it's like being 6 again!
I would also like to recommend Catherine as a homeopathy practitioner - she really spends time with her patients, getting to the root of their problems. She really is excellent.
Dr C H

"Catherine has a particular skill in identifying mental and emotional symptoms. She possesses this great natural quality as a listener. I find her particularly skilled in that area. This natural ability helps her to make accurate prescriptions. I have always found homeopathy significantly more therapeutic than any other medicine I have taken".
Chris C

"We know from personal experience that Homeopathy is a healing art that really
does embrace the whole person - body and soul, mind and emotions, individual and
social. Homeopathy has been at the heart of our family approach to health and
wholeness for nearly thirty years - it works for us for two main reasons.
1. We took the decision to be responsible for our well-being - exercise, diet, social
relationships and a holistic view of what is going wrong when illnesses appear.
2. We have been blessed with talented homeopaths who trust our feed-back as much
as we trust their skills and experiences as healers. Catherine Evans is one of those
healers. Since Catherine opened her practice she has always been there for
us with her insight, a ready-ear and above all down-to-earth support during crucial moments in the healing process. We can say "I am blessed to have her as my healer".
Mr G A

"I use homeopathy for myself and my family. It has been our medicine of first choice. We used it when the children were babies for colic, teething, earaches, tummy upsets, and fevers. Later it helped with period pains, hay fever, cystitis, and anticipatory anxiety before exams. It works. Catherine is the first person we call. She has saved the NHS a fortune."

"I first consulted Catherine on the recommendation of my osteopath; at the time I was seeking relief for my asthma and eczema but I also had infertility problems too. I immediately liked Catherine for her warmth, empathy and good sense of humour. She has extensive professional experience and she is always updating her knowledge and skills through reading research articles, attending training courses and consulting other homeopaths.
I am of the opinion that both the patient and practitioner need to commit themselves to the treatment process which can be time consuming and the patient very often has to increase their degree of self awareness in order for the homeopath to help them. I feel that the consultation appointment is as important as the remedy itself and in my case, it took number of appointments to unravel my full health picture and find all the relevant remedies. This is not always the case, my husband's long standing migraines were very effectively ameliorated after just 2 tablets prescribed by Catherine.
I still don't understand how homeopathy works and for a long time I wanted an explanation that fitted in with my world view which has been moulded by the empirical approach that my professional scientific background demands. All I can say is that Catherine's treatment has bolstered my constitution immensely and, for example, after receiving homeopathic treatment my asthma improved and for the first time in my life I experienced days when I took no preventative or reliever drugs at all. That was more than 4 years ago and I still use my asthma drugs but at a much lower dose than prior to homeopathic treatment. My eczema is much improved and it only flares up when I am under a great deal of stress rather than being the constant daily irritation that it was prior to seeing Catherine. About 14 months after finishing my treatment with Catherine I became pregnant for the first time & we had a beautiful healthy child who is now nearing school age. Did homeopathy help with that too? Who knows, but I'm sure that being so much healthier must have played a role in helping us conceive."

"My favourite part of the homeopathic treatment is how I am treated as a whole. Catherine does not just look at one bit. She looks at the whole picture. I like being listened to. Initially I consulted Catherine because of fibromyalgia. I do not get any fibromyaglia pain these days. I used to be plagued with migraines. I have come off my migraine tablets. I am very happy with the homeopathic treatment. Now I am not in pain it has improved my life."

"I consulted Catherine because of my arthritis. A few days after the remedy she gave me I was aware that my feet were warm. I had not had warm feet for years. I was surprised by the immediate improvement in my circulation. The arthritis is improving slowly."

"My experience of homeopathy with Catherine has been extraordinarily positive. Her remedies tackle my problems on so many levels and her compassionate listening allows me to tell my story and to hear it as if for the first time. From there, Catherine uses her knowledge and experience of homeopathy to bring healing and enabling me to move on in my life. I could not value more highly the healing relationship of trust and support that exists between us." Mr IG

"Catherine Evans is a highly experienced and professional homeopath. She has been enormously important in improving the health of our whole family.
She cares greatly, and always gives down to earth, sensible advice alongside the extremely effective remedies that she prescribes. It is extremely comforting to know that there is someone of her calibre living and working as a homeopath in this region."
The S. family.