Catherine Evans
Registered homeopath.     Tel: 07943 135 886

How do I practice and what to expect

What happens when you consult with a homeopath?
Establishing good health involves treating mind and body
During your appointment with me I take time to listen to your physical and emotional symptoms. First, I will ask for a detailed account of the main complaint that you want cured. After that area has been thoroughly investigated I ask about other aspects of your health and well-being, such as past medical history, illnesses, any trauma, diseases that run in your family.
I will ask about the day to day functions of your body such as your appetite, your digestion, the quality of your sleep, and your energy levels. I will ask about your physical vitality and how effectively your mind functions- memory, concentration, dreams, ability to deal with stress and strain, etc. This is what we call a holistic approach - meaning that I see you as a whole. I see you as unique - not as a diagnosis, or as a collection of disease labels.

My objective is to find a homeopathic remedy which matches your symptoms as you experience them and to bring about a gentle permanent cure. My aim is to help restore you to health.

Anything you say is treated in the strictest confidence. I am bound by the ethics and professional conduct rules of my professional body the Society of Homeopaths.
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What will treatment be like?
I will give you a homeopathic medicine in the form of a tablet, powder or liquid. I give clear instructions on how the take the medicine.

What about my prescriptions from my GP or consultant?
I advise you to continue with your current prescriptions. Once you start responding to the homeopathic treatment and the improvement is well established and stable we can discuss reducing your conventional drugs.

How long does treatment take?
The time it takes to get better depends on the nature of the presenting complaint and how long you have had the complaint. I recommend an initial consultation and two follow up appointments. Then we can review progress. Some people only need one follow up and others need a course of treatment spread over the months.

What about my GP ?
It is important to maintain good communication with your GP.