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Green medicines

Ecologically Sustainable Medicine

Have you ever thought what goes into the drugs manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies? How are the medicines made? What is in statins? What is in the contraceptive pill? What are the raw ingredients of diazepam? What is in vaccines routinely given to babies? How are antibiotics made? Where do those raw materials come from? What is their provenance? Traceability?

Many drugs are derived from oil and lots of industrial processes are required to convert them into the medicines which are used. And when those people and animals excrete the breakdown products of those drugs what happens to them? Some of them end up in the water supply. What the long term health effects of that?

If we are ever to create a sustainable world in ecological terms, we need 'green medicine'. What is that? The Teleosis Institute define the following criteria for Ecologically Sustainable Medicine:

Safe and harmless
Clean and non-toxic
Adaptable and flexible
Protective of the quality of life on earth, the environment and earth's natural resources
Synergistic with human health and planetary well-being
Connected with the web of life

Homeopathy meets these criteria and so is one such type of ecologically sustainable medicine.

Only small amounts of natural substances are required to produce homeopathic medicines. Very low impact processes are needed to produce the homeopathic remedies and they can be very effective when used properly.

People who care about the health of our planet as well as their own health and well being use homeopathy. It is environmentally friendly.

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